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    (un)Happy Holidays …

    (un)Happy Holidays …

    The year is winding down and we’re all getting excited about the December holidays.


    Or are we…???

    As much as we look forward to taking a break and unwinding at the end of the year, holidays can sometimes be far from relaxing.
    We often experience them as extremely stressful or down right depressing.
    The list of things to do can seem endless, from gift shopping, menu planning, and family pleasing to organising trips.
    It’s meant to be a time for togetherness, but can also be a very lonely time.
    As the year draws to a close we can’t help but reflect on what we have achieved and berate ourselves for goals we haven’t reached.
    There’s also this expectation to be happy and get along with everyone.
    This year lets drop all expectations and fully experience the holiday exactly the way it is.

    Here’s my recipe to do just that.
    Well actually it’s more like a adding a spice to this holiday season that will transform everything it flavours.
    Key ingredient: MINDFULNESS
    ADD it to:

    1. Family
    To change your encounters with everyone from a grumpy grandma to a teeny toddler:
    Simply listen to the sound of their voice.
    Listen without internal commentary or judgement.
    This will allow you to be truly present.
    And when we are truly present magical things happen, we allow our true selves to interact with the person in front of us.
    It is guaranteed to change your relationships in ways you never imagined.

    2. Food
    Taste whatever you put into your mouth.
    Really savour the flavours, textures and aromas.
    You will find that you enjoy food more and will be satisfied with eating less.

    3. Feet
    Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed with holiday chores or plans not going the way you want, let you attention rest on your feet.
    If you’re walking feel your feet come off the ground, in motion, and reach the ground again. If you’re standing in a queue, feel your feet solidly on the floor.
    I encourage you to go out and take a walk daily.
    Feeling your feet grounds you to this moment.
    This helps to clear your mind, release tension, makes you happier and even burns a few calories.
    Walk with family, with a pet or with yourself.
    Make it fun, fuss free and frequent.

    Will you give yourself the gift of presence this holiday?
    What are you going to add the spice of mindfulness to? Family, Food or Feet? Or all three?

    Please let me know how it goes by sharing in the comments below.
    Take care and keep creating a life of joy you are meant to be living right NOW.
    Dr G Chiba


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  • Posted by Javnika on November 26, 2014, 3:19 pm

    This is amazing.
    I just tried out number 3 of the recipe. It couldnt have come at a better time.

    I feel so much more relaxed. I can continue with my work and get everything done.

    Thanks… This is fabulous

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