• 03 APR 17
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    Try this when the going gets tough

    Try this when the going gets tough

    On an early morning walk a few weeks ago I came across a crack in the road and a shrub growing out of it. I stopped and took a picture of it. I began marveling at the tenacity of this plant that had pushed through the tar to express its true nature.


    It reminded me of a quote by Leonard Cohen:



    In this case the crack in the road could have literally let the light in and help the shrub grow.


    When ‘cracks’ appear in life we tend to complain and wish they weren’t there. What if we take a different approach? How about looking at difficulties as opportunities for the light to enter, as an opportunity to grow and perhaps for something even more wonderful to come through.

    Here’s an exercise to help you start looking at difficulties in a different way. The next time you encounter a difficult situation, a conflict or things not going the way you wish it would try the following:

    Become curious about the situation.

    Notice the thoughts in your mind.

    Notice how it feels in your body.

    What emotions are you experiencing.

    Let me know what you notice when you start becoming curious. Reply in the comments below.

    Mindfulness teaches you to start turning towards the “cracks’. My next course is starting soon. If you would like to learn how to navigate life’s difficulties in a whole new way so that they become opportunities for growth sign up for my free newsletter and look out for my next email. Also come check out my Facebook page where I post tips for a happy healthy life.



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