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    Stop and smell the roses

    Stop and smell the roses

    I am loving this time of year. Everywhere I look I am rewarded with gorgeous flowers. Spring has come out in full force, delighting us with heady scents and a feast for the eyes.


    On Sunday I decided to literally ‘stop and smell the roses’. I spent a bit of time in my garden, picked a bunch of roses for my dining room table and have been admiring them ever since.


    This got me thinking about the advice- ‘Stop and smell the roses’.


    Smelling roses or just noticing the beauty that surrounds us doesn’t take a lot of time, in fact sometimes it takes no time at all. Most of the time we’re too busy thinking about things to even notice what’s happening around us. Before we know it the day, week, month or even our life has passed us by without us even noticing.


    Lets try an experiment to see what smelling the roses does for us. It that takes no extra time and is free.


    1. As you go along in your day’s activities keep a look out for flowers.
    2. When you spot them, notice the colour, shape and size.
    3. If you’re close enough place your nose next to it and inhale.
    4. Now you can place your thumb and forefinger on a petal to feel its texture.


    How you feel?

    What’s happened in your body?

    What thoughts are in your mind?


    Then thank nature for giving you a moment of pure beauty.

    You can have this feeling any time, you just have to stop and ‘smell the roses’.

    I would love to hear about your experience.

    Let me know in the comments below.

    Keep loving your life one moment at a time.


    Dr Chiba

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