• 04 SEP 15
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    Mental health matters

    Mental health matters

    I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to talk about Mindfulness on the show “Mental Health Matters”. It’s a show that discusses various mental health issues from Depression and  Anxiety to how to cope with work place stressors.

    If you have reading my blog and website, you probably know that I am passionate about mindfulness not only as a skill that helps with anxiety, depression and stress, but also as a tool that allows a different way of relating to experiences, both internal and external.

    I invite you to catch me on the 7th of September on ED DSTV channel 190 at 09:55 & 17:55.

    I talk about what mindfulness is and how it can help you.

    If you have a friend that might be interested in mindfulness, or who is looking for something they can do to reduce their depression, anxiety or stress, please share this with them.

    After watching please let me know what area of your life you feel might benefit from being mindful, in the comments below.

    If you would like to delve deeper into mindfulness and acquire it as a skill in facing the “full catastrophe of life”, I invite you to attend my next mindfulness course that starts early in October. Please email me on gc@drgchiba.co.za for more details if you’re interested.

    Take care and keep living a life of joy NOW.


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