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    Have you been good this year?

    Have you been good this year?

    Santa’s asking, but so are you at the end of the year.
    In some way, whether you intentionally review the year’s progress or if the thought just happens to arise as the year draws to a close, you are probably reflecting on what you have achieved this year.
    You might ask yourself how much have you have accomplished or whether  you have achieved certain goals.
    The answers that come can often roam in your mind vaguely. Especially if your thoughts focus on the things you didn’t achieve. They can then become repetitive and soon spiral out of control leaving you feeling inadequate and yucky about yourself.

    To prevent negativity from setting in, I invite you to do something else.
    Ask yourself:
    1. What made me feel really good this year?
    2. What required minimal effort on my part but gave me pure and simple joy?
    3. What things did I do this year that made me feel great?

    The key is to tap into your feelings instead of looking at actions alone. Now don’t get me wrong, actions are necessary to achieve goals. But a great way to motivate yourself is to do what feels good for you. Whatever made you feel great and left you smiling is where  you will easily spend most of your time.

    As an example I noticed that I felt really happy when I did a Zumba class at the gym. The music seemed to beckon to me. I followed in the class without any concern about getting the steps right. Before I knew it I was laughing with all the other ladies in class. We were just having fun. I also ended up getting a good workout and have decided to incorporate it into my exercise programme next year. If I make exercise fun I’m more likely to stick to it.

    jumping for joy


    I then proceeded to make a list of the things that made me feel great in 2014. When I started the list I intended to write 3 things down. Before I knew it I had a list of 12 things. Suddenly I was feeling pretty good about 2014. I am now clearer on how I want to feel next year and what I can do to get those specific feelings.

    Here’s my 3 step process to bring you joy in 2015:

    1. Write a list of everything that made you feel great this year.
    2. How did those things make you feel? Hint: Maybe you felt happy or beautiful or peaceful.
    3. What actions will bring about those feelings?
    Finally once you have completed all 3 steps, do something to celebrate.
    I suggest- kicking off your shoes, throwing on some holiday music and doing a happy dance.
    You deserve it.


    As Abraham Hicks said:

    “The only true measure of success is the amount  of joy we are feeling.”


    Wishing you a beautiful festive season filled with joy and love.
    Take care and keep creating a life of joy NOW.
    Dr G Chiba

    PS If you want help tapping into your joy in 2015, I will gladly be your guide. Check out the Services page for details.

    Or email me on gc@drgchiba.co.za,  once I’m back from the holidays on the 5 January 2015 I will send you more information and answer any questions you might have.

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