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    Guess what the biggest predictor of health is– I bet it’s not what you’re thinking…

    Guess what the biggest predictor of health is– I bet it’s not what you’re thinking…

    Do you wonder what to focus on to live a healthy life?

    Is it to eat healthy, sleep well, stop smoking or to start exercising?

    What if I told you it was none of those.


    The Roseto effect describes social connectedness as one of the most powerful forces in predicting both mental and physical health. This includes strong family ties and close community connection. It’s based on the research done in a small community in the town of Roseto, Pennsylvania in USA, which had reduced heart-attack rates compared to nearby towns despite similar risk factors


    The difference between Roseto and the neighboring towns is that Roseto had a closely knit community and despite their not so healthy eating habits, being exposed to toxins in the slate quarries they worked in and drinking mostly wine (instead of soft drinks and milk), they had reduced rates of mortality and lived longer.


    Often when patients come to me feeling sad and down, we discover that they’re also struggling with feeling alone. I found this in all ages and amongst both males and females. Improving social connectivity can help ease the feelings of depression and stress. It also improves your physical health according to the Roseto study.



    Here are 3 ways to improve your health and have fun doing it using social connection:


    1. Join a book club.
    2. If you’re struggling with forming a habit such as regular exercise, schedule a walking date with a friend.
    3. Reach out to others going through the same experiences and struggles that you are and form a group. Start it as a chat group and move to meeting in person. If you’re struggling with tiredness and not coping with the stress of daily life then my ladies self nurture group might be the thing for you.


    Now I’d like to hear form you. Are you going through something all by yourself? Could one of the techniques help you feel more connected and assist you through it. Let me know in the comments below.


    This time of year I been noticing women in my practice as well those I socialize with complaining of feeling burnt out and tired. The women in my practice have been asking for ways to manage the overwhelm of endless ‘to do’ lists and wanting to start feeling better about themselves.


    A few weeks ago a colleague and friend approached me to do a joint therapy group. As she is an occupational therapist who has tons of practical ways to manage the stress of everyday life, I thought it was a great idea to partner with her using my mindfulness and self-compassion techniques to offer a women’s self nurture group program.

    My intention is to offer it mid November and before the holiday season starts so that you can go into your holiday period already feeling refreshed and really to enjoy your time off with family.


    I’d love to hear what your biggest challenges are when coping with daily life especially at this time of the year. Please let me know by email on info@drgchiba.co.za or by clicking here to complete the 2-minute questionnaire so I can create a group experience that allows you to reconnect with the beauty in your life right now.

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