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    Dangers of sleep deprivation

    Dangers of sleep deprivation

    Sleeping as little as possible is sometimes seen as an accomplishment.

    Not only is this a misperception,  it’s also a dangerous idea.   To see why here’s an article I wrote in the Mental Health Matters magazine. It includes a questionnaire you can take to see if you have a sleep disorder and gives you tips to get a better nights sleep.

    Dangers of Sleep Deprivation – Dr Gaveeta Chiba


    And once you’ve read it, what’s one thing you can do to ensure you wake up refreshed. Let me know in the comments below.

    Sweet dreams and keep living a life of joy NOW.

    Dr G Chiba

    Each moment opens you to a brand new experience.

    Mindfulness helps you to tap into this power.


    I invite you to join the next mindfulness course that starts 26th July, to learn how.


    I would love to be your guide. If interested email me on gc@drgchiba.co.za.


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