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I’m Gaveeta Chiba

I’m a psychiatrist and I believe that you can create a happy, healthy, satisfying life.

Do you feel like happiness is elusive, are you depressed or anxious, or do you have a mental illness that is affecting your work, disrupting your relationships and stopping you from enjoying your life?

Do you wish that you could laugh more, relax easily, perform better at work and have more fulfilling, loving relationships? If so, I am passionate about helping you create such a life.

I use a holistic approach that looks at how your body is interacting in your environment. This allows me to tailor a wellness plan that is specific to you. This wellness plan may include medication, brief counselling for areas of conflict, lifestyle changes and mindfulness techniques.

You will learn to fully engage in your life by making simple changes to your lifestyle and thinking- I call them “Happiness Practices”.

These Happiness Practices are step by step incremental changes in lifestyle and ultimately your outlook.
You can create a truly joyful, fulfilling life, I can show you how.



Mindfulness Course

Starts 10 May 2017

Email gc@drgchiba.co.za for more information

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Why I Started This?

“After I realized my dream of becoming a psychiatrist I was soooo excited about having the freedom and skills required to help people with debilitating mental illness become happier, more relaxed and live healthier, more fulfilled, balanced lives. However as I began treating patients I noticed that though their symptoms improved to an extent, there were often residual symptoms. They were often not functioning at their best and leading happy, healthy, fulfilling lives. In fact at times their residual symptoms still caused emotional distress and prevented them from living to their full potential.

I decided, after one of my most loyal patients kept coming back to me despite repeated hospitalizations and medication changes, to change the way in which I provided care. I began formulating ways to provide a more holistic, integrated care. I began incorporating brief counselling, sleep, diet, exercise, mindfulness techniques and medication when required, into a wellness plan that suited that specific person.

These so called “Happiness Practices” may lead to insights into the way in which you live your life and spend your time. And possibly change the way in which you chose to participate in your life from now on.

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